La Cantina Santadi

Dal 1960, vini fatti con arte.

The Sulcis, geological area with millennial charm

The Sulcis (south-western Sardinia) is the most ancient geological area on the Island, which has preserved a timeless fascination.
The coastal area has a variety of landscapes, including soft hills, vast plains and inland mountain ranges with pristine forests and unique biodiversity.
The coast alternates towering cliffs with secluded coves and long stretches of splendid sandy beaches backed by pine woods and copses of century-old junipers.
The grapes processed in our Winery come from vineyards planted in this unique territory, scattered in a radius of about 30 km.


The town of Santadi, founded in the Middle Ages, is in the heart of the Sulcis, in a countryside covered by holm oaks, lentisk, olive groves and vineyards, and offers a variety of natural and cultural attractions seldom found in a single place.
A few miles from town stretches the splendid Pantaleo forest, with century-old trees, including oak, phillyrea, cork trees, and a unique example in Europe of pure holm oak wood, the ideal habitat for two rare and protected species: the Sardinian deer and the fallow deer.
Santadi boasts many important archaeological sites, such as nuraghic villages, Phoenician and Punic settlements, necropolises, sacred wells, caves, etc.

The Company

Dal 1960, vini fatti con arte


1960 - 2010, half a century of work and progress


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