La Cantina Santadi

Dal 1960, vini fatti con arte.

A company in which men are decisive

Often when talking of wine, attention focuses on terroir and grape varieties; in our case a third, equally important factor must be mentioned: the people.
The most authentic tradition is indeed supported by dedication and skill in the vineyard, as proven by all the grape-growers of the Santadi Winery.

Antonello Pilloni

A member of the Santadi Cooperative Winery since 1974, in July 1976 he was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors, a position he has held without interruption to this day. In the first years he focused on improving product quality and subsequently was the driving force behind a series of ambitious projects.
Antonello Pilloni has consistently put the pursuit of quality at the heart of the Winery’s strategy, developing all new projects with enthusiasm and determination.
He is assisted by a Board of Directors which has placed complete faith in him, enabling the whole team to implement effective procedures and decision-making and creating a lean, dynamic and efficient enterprise.

Dr. Giacomo Tachis

Giacomo Tachis was born in Poirino (Province of Turin) in 1933. He took a diploma in enology at the Alba Winemaking School in 1954. The guiding light of the renaissance of Italian wine (his creations include Sassicaia, Tignanello and Solaia, to name a few), he was technical director at Antinori and consultant for the Santadi Winery, for Duca di Salaparuta and for the Regional Institute of the Vine and Wine of Palermo. In 1999, the University of Pisa awarded him a degreehonoris causa in Agrarian Sciences and Technologies.
His collaboration with the Santadi Winery began in the eighties and still today he continues to oversee all its products. In short the Santadi Winery owes much – if not all – of its success to Giacomo Tachis’ precious collaboration.

Raffaele Cani

Marketing and administration are handled by Raffaele Cani, a member of the Winery’s staff since 1974, a man with extensive knowledge of the local area and community. With the assistance of skilled collaborators, his task was to create a worldwide marketing network. In this, he was helped by the Winery’s good and excellent wines, operational facilities and a good degree of autonomy. Early sales in Sardinia met an enthusiastic response. Subsequently, by participating in national and international wine fairs he expanded sales to mainland Italy and Europe, soon followed by the global market.
Today the Santadi Winery’s wines can be found in the five continents, worthy representatives of authentic Sardinian winemaking on the world scene.

The Company

Dal 1960, vini fatti con arte


1960 - 2010, half a century of work and progress


Ancient and evocative territory, where ancient mountain and emerald sea coexist