Wines and Grappa

The majority of our wines are either DOC or PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), in particular Carignano del Sulcis (rosé, basic, reserve and superior), Monica di Sardegna, Cannonau di Sardegna, Vermentino di Sardegna and Nuragus di Cagliari. Our other labels are IGT (Typical Geographical Indication) and PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) Valli di Porto Pino and Isola dei Nuraghi.
We classify our top-of-the-range wines as “Le Eccellenze” whereas the others are known as “I Classici”.
Apart from the Eccellenze and Classici, the Winery produces an excellent Grappa (brandy) from selected pomace of Terre Brune, processed by master distillers to obtain a smooth and velvety product.