CLASSIFICATION: Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

PLACE OF ORIGIN: From the most suitable areas, erect shrub cultivation (Latin Vineyard)

SOIL COMPOSITION: Sandy soil mixed with granite pebbles

GRAPE VARIETIES: Cannonau 90%, Carignano 10%.

CLIMATE: Hot and dry summers, mild winters.

HARVESTING: Starting in late September, grapes are hand-picked into appropriate boxes

VINICATION AND DEVELOPMENT: The well ripe grapes, after being crushed and de-stalked to form the must, ferment for 12-14 days in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature (22 – 24 C.); during this period the must is often stirred in order to enable complete diffusion of the tannins and polyphenols contained in the skins. The early and spontaneous malolactic fermentation makes possible to transfer the wine into 2nd passage French-oak barrels since December. The maturation process in barrels lasts about 6 months, which is then followed by further 6 months ageing in bottle.

TASTING NOTES: Colour: intense ruby red, tending to garnet. Nose: Mediterranean notes, complex, blueberry and ripe-blackberry aromas, spices tending sweet, tobacco and chocolate. Palate: warm, soft, sweet tannins of rare intensity

STORAGE: Constant temperature 17 °C, humidity 75-80%, away from light, horizontal bottle.

SERVING: Very large goblet with medium-wide rim, serving temperature 18 °C.

MATCHINGS: It matches well structured dishes, such as roasted and grilled meat, fish, game and cheese.

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