Villa Di Chiesa

CLASSIFICATION: Wine from Late-Harvest Grapes.

PLACE OF ORIGIN: Nasco grapes from bush-grown vineyards (ancient Latin vineyard) in the lower Sulcis area.

SOIL COMPOSITION: Loose, mainly sandy.

GRAPE VARIETIES: Typical local white vines

CLIMATE: Hot and dry summers, mild winters.

HARVESTING: Late harvest wine. The harvesting period of nasco grapes is mainly dependent on the biotic and a-biotic factors influencing its degree of ripening. From late September to late October.

VINICATION AND DEVELOPMENT: Late harvesting, also performed by going back repeatedly to the same vineyard, picking the grapes as they reach the desired degree of over-maturation. After removing the skins, the sugary must is fermented in stainless steel tanks. Alcoholic fermentation proceeds very slowly due to the high density of the must, until it comes to a halt naturally. The wine then develops for several months in third-passage French oak barriques.

TASTING NOTES: Colour: Intense amber yellow. Nose: Rich bouquet with notes of honey, caramel, vanilla-flavoured sugar and clove. Palate: Good persistence and balance in the mouth, with a sweetness that is never cloying and finish recalling orange blossoms.

STORAGE: Constant temperature 17 °C, humidity 75-80%, away from light, horizontal bottle.

SERVING: Medium goblet with narrow rim, serving temperature about 14 °C.

MATCHINGS: From ricotta cheese ravioli, fried and dressed with honey, to well-matured cheeses. It enhances any type of dessert.

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