La Cantina Santadi

Dal 1960, vini fatti con arte.

The Winemaking Process

Before the harvest, inspections are carried out at the vineyards and grape samples are collected, to assess the degree of ripening and make a first selection. This first assessment provides the basis for planning the intense and crucial work which will take place during harvesting.
The grapes delivered to the winery are weighed, analysed and sorted on the basis of their variety and quality.
The white grapes are processed using soft presses and the must is left to ferment in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of about 18° C.
The red grapes are destemmed and the must (including skins) undergoes fermentation, again in stainless steel tanks, at about 20-22° C. The period of skin-contact maceration, during which the must is pumped over the cap several times, lasts one to two weeks according to grape variety.
Both white and red wines then mature in vats and/or stainless steel tanks before bottling.
The important reds develop inFrench oak barriques and after bottling are left to age for several months.